A great role model for girls, young women, and all of us

The contentious United States Senate Judiciary Committee confirmation hearings for U.S. Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett has been mostly focused on everything but the nominee.

Democrat Senators have spent their time in front of the cameras fear mongering about how Mrs. Barrett will lead the court to repeal Roe v Wade, and the Affordable Care Act. Continuing to complain about the timing of the nomination during an election year, they have made it a referendum on President Trump. They have tried to bolster the notion that Mrs. Barrett is nothing more than a mouthpiece for the president, and will simply make decisions based on the president’s wishes.

This line of attack was so bad and persisitent that at one point the nominee calmly replied to one Senator that she hoped he wasn’t saying that she didn’t have a mind of her own. Because she said, “I have a mind of my own.”

It is understandable that Democrats are not happy because Amy Coney Barrett does have a mind of her own, and that mind leans toward constitutional originalism more than they would like. So they spent hearing minutes campaigning for Obama Care, abortion rights, and how the process should wait until after the election.

Their attack on ACB’s Catholicism also fell flat when she simply replied time and time again that it would not affect her decisions on the court.

Through it all this woman remained equable and composed while answering sometimes daft and offensive questions. Senators with advisors, stacks of notebooks and legal pads on their desks referenced hundreds of legal cases in their questions to the nominee. With neither notes nor reference materials Amy Coney Barrett discussed these cases in great detail from memory. What a great intellect. 

The legal professor, that she is, came out once in a while as she taught senators some tenants and nuances of the law in her answers. 

Her demeanor remained the same from question to question over hours and hours. She did not take the bait to raise her temper from any senator, even though it was sometimes warranted. She went through the ordeal unscathed and with poise and grace. What a self-possessed woman.

Regardless of your political persuasion, Amy Coney Barrett is a role model for all of us. She is easy to root for. The way she handled the situation made it hard for even some democrats to root against her.

At one point during the hearings Iowa republican Senator Joni Ernst asked the nominee what advice she would give to girls and young women across the country.

Here’s Mrs. Barrett’s reply:  “One thing I’ve often told my own daughters is you shouldn’t let life happen to you or just sweep along. You should identify what your objectives are, and identify the kind of person that you want to be, and then make deliberate decisions to make that happen.  My Dad used to tell us not to make a decision to just make a decision. So I would say: make decisions. Be confident. Know what you want and go get it.”

We all want our daughters and grand daughters to understand this, and Mrs. Barrett not only says it, but she lives it. Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett will be an amazing role model for generations to come.