A wildfire in suburban Colorado in December?

A fireplace, grill, or chimney fire, maybe. Or an electical problem, perhaps. But we don’t think about a wind blown grass fire taking out our entire neighborhood or town.

But I guess we should, because that’s what ended 2021 and began 2022 for too many living in Louisville and Superior, Colorado, just an hour and a half to our south.

Up to 1,000 homes in those communities were destroyed by the fire driven by wind gusts up to 110 miles per hour. As of this writing there are 3 people still missing in the area.

It all happened so fast. With the fire moving at turbo speed, those in the area were notified they needed to evacuate immediately. They had little time to grab what they could and get out. This is close to home for me and many others here who have family and friends in those areas. My sister’s home survived the inferno, but neighbors just 2 streets away from her were wiped out in the blink of an eye.

Our insurance agents and financial planners tell us to keep good records and take videos of our possessions just in case. How many of us have done that? I know from recent conversations with friends that there are now a lot of cell phone video recordings being made in homes around here. Good idea.

We’re also told to have an evacuation plan and ‘go bag’ ready. Another good idea.

This tragedy is a reminder to all of us of how vulnerable we can be to unforeseen circumstances. As if a few years fighting a determined virus is not enough.

As my Boy Scout motto said: Be Prepared.

Many charitable organizations are stepping up to help out those Coloradoans whose lives have been interrupted in a terrible way. Among those is the Blue Federal Credit Union Foundation headquartered in Cheyenne.

The Blue Foundation is offering to match all donations up to $50,000. That will turn the fifty thousand donated by our community into $100,000 for the fire victims.

Separate from the Blue Foundation match, Blue Federal Credit Union itself is working on it’s own program to muster more help for fire victims. Details to come soon.

The credit union started here in Cheyenne with ties to Warren Air Force Base, but has expanded with many branches in Colorado, too. Now they want to boost the donations coming from you and others to provide more for the fire victims.

FULL DISCLOSURE: I am currently proud to be the chairman of the Blue Foundation Board and openly encourage you to help if you can. You can find more information or donate at any Blue FCU branch or on line at www.bluefoundation.blue.