Airman Leadership School class 21-B graduates

Award winners of ALS Class 21-B stand for recognition during their class graduation Dec. 17, on F. E. Warren Air Force Base. ALS is a six-week course designed to prepare Airmen to assume supervisory duties as well as instruction in the practice of leadership and followership. Enlisted Airmen must graduate before supervising other Airmen. Photo by Airman 1st Class Anthony Muñoz

F.E. WARREN AIR FORCE BASE – The 90th Missile Wing Airman Leadership School held a graduation ceremony Dec. 17 at the Base Theater on F. E. Warren Air Force Base to honor the Airmen who completed the course. The following Airmen graduated the course:

SSgt James Allison, 90th Civil Engineer Squadron

SrA Helio Chapuseaux, 321st Missile Squadron

SSgt Trenton Clark, 90th Security Forces Squadron

SrA Nathan De Los Reyes Flores, 90th Missile Security Operations Squadron++

SSgt Leslie Friestad, 790th Maintenance Squadron

SrA Joseph Gillespie, 90th Missile Maintenance Squadron

SrA Jacob Graver, 90 Missile Maintenance Squadron

SrA Wilfredo Hernandez Mendez, 90th Missile Maintenance Squadron

SrA Eron Holmes, 90th Security Forces Squadron*

SrA Christopher Jackson, 90th Missile Security Operations Squadron**

SrA Eben Kaaua, 90th Missile Security Squadron

SrA Shawn Kilhefner, 90th Civil Engineer Squadron

SrA Brandon Mendola, 90th Munitions Squadron

SrA Stephen Obenauf, 790th Maintenance Squadron

SrA Madison Odea, 320th Missile Squadron

SrA Derek Petty, 90th Missile Security Operations Squadron

SrA Jordan Thomas, 90th Missile Maintenance Squadron**

SrA Aviano Tolliver, 90th Missile Maintenance Squadron

SSgt Seth Wiehe, 90th Communications Squadron

SrA Wesley Wilson, 90th Force Support Squadron

* Levitow Award

**Distinguished Graduate/Academic

++Commandant Award


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