And the winners are…

F.E. WARREN AIR FORCE BASE – To celebrate the completion of code change, acknowledge the winners of the Warren Shootout and to prepare for the upcoming holiday, a base-wide cookout and commanders all-call were held June 29, at F.E. Warren Air Force Base.

The morning started as Mayoral Day, for employees and residents to partake in a base-wide cleanup. Approximately two hours were set aside, allowing all squadrons the opportunity to get out. Each squadron was assigned a specific area around the base to focus their cleaning efforts.

Following the cleanup, Airmen gathered for a cookout put together by the First Sergeants Association to say thank you for a job well done during code change.

Also, the winners of the first Warren Shootout were announced during the commanders all-call.

The Warren Shootout was implemented to utilize squadron innovation funds for the wing to find Airmen-led innovative ideas that increase readiness, reduce cost, return time back to Airmen, and enhance the lethality of the force.

The winners are:

• Staff Sgt. Logan Ackerman, with the idea to install trauma kits next to the AED’s on base.

• Lt. Col. Stephanie Wilson, with the idea to relocate the maintenance officers to simplify the squadron for the Airmen.

• Airman 1st Class Alejandro Castro, with the idea to put lights around the outdoor track.

• Tech Sgt. Evan Mclelland and Senior Airman Christopher Pilla, with the idea to resurface and bank the corners on the indoor track.

• Master Sgt. Richard Aguiar, with the idea to create a training village near the combat arms training and maintenance range to create more training opportunities for EOD and security forces.

After celebrating the Warren Shootout winners, Col. Stacy Jo Huser, 90th Missile Wing commander, conducted an all-call, starting with the wing safety office giving a brief safety presentation in preparation for the holiday.

“Fourth of July is next week, and fireworks are illegal in the city of Cheyenne and on base,” said Tech. Sgt. Angela Manuel, 90th Missile Wing occupational safety technician. If you want to pop off fireworks the news list all the locations available in Laramie County, but it is best to leave it to the professionals. Frontier Park does a firework display at 9 p.m. with a party type atmosphere.”

Chief Master Sgt. Kristian Farve, 90th Missile Wing command chief, spoke. Reflecting on the past and looking towards the future.

Part of Farve’s message to the Airmen included the mission statement.

The Mighty Ninety, inspired by heritage, empowered by Airmen, driven by innovation…the world’s most trusted, dominant ICBM force.

“The purpose of the mission statement is to inform you any time of day when any decision is made,” said Farve. “When you are chasing innovation, it should align with the mission statement. So with this remember to think, are we honoring our heritage with this, inspiring innovation, and building trust within the community around us.”

Huser wrapped up the all-call by saying thank you and recognizing the individuals and units to have won awards in the past year.

“Many thanks to the panel of the Warren Shootout and the advisors,” said Huser. “Here at F.E. Warren, we have the most amazing men and women, every day someone does something inspiring.”

Congratulations to all the winners of the Warren Shootout, your innovative ideas will soon flourish on base, and everyone stay safe during the Fourth of July.

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