Another good reason to live here in Cheyenne…

When others express concern about flooding, tornadoes, sand storms, hurricanes, too hot and humid weather and many other weather related issues, except wind and snow, I use that idiom.

When others return from their travels and complain about pollution, traffic, crowding, congestion, noise, and over pricing, I repeat my mantra.

I use my favorite maxim when my friends are dumbfounded by rampant murder, crime, homelessness and mayhem constantly viewed on the news from too many of our American cities. Or when they daily become aware of the profound and undisguised corruption in political and cultural institutions in other places in the U.S. and world.

These are all good reasons to live in Cheyenne, because by comparison we live in a paradise.

Of course Cheyenne is not Utopia. See reference above to wind and snow. But even those weather problems contribute to the quality of life here. Without the wind and snow Cheyenne and Wyoming would be too perfect, and people would flock here in droves. Then we would have to deal with similar problems to those in America’s urban areas. Also see above.

It isn’t that we don’t have some of the same problems here that other places in the country grapple with. But we are fortunate that the depth and scale of those troubles are at levels those other places can only envy.

I believe that as Cheyenne grows we will be smart enough to deal with the inevitable problems that follow. Among the good reasons to live here are the rugged individualism and down to earth common sense shared by those who have long lived here while putting up with the aforementioned wind and snow.

The number one good reason to live here is the people. For the most part the people here do their best to help each other get along, and to help each other eliminate the issues plaguing many places in the country. People here don’t wait for someone else to do what needs to be done. We don’t wait for government help. We step up as much as we can to do our part.

Which leads us to another good reason to live here. Cheyenne is a military town. We have a built in, well disciplined, and self-reliant citizenry in those who wear the uniform and those who have worn it in the past.

Cheyenne’s military ties with FE Warren AFB, and the Army and Air Guard serve to provide a steady flow of good people as they hang up their uniforms and become civilians contributing to life here. You probably know a few Navy retirees who call Cheyenne home, too. With a little research you’ll find a surprising number of former Navy personnel living amongst us.

Low cost of living, no state income tax, outdoor recreation, and relative freedom from government interference contribute to making Cheyenne a great place for veterans to put down roots. All of us benefit from their decisions to stay here.

Take a minute to think about it and you’ll find many veterans in leadership positions in this community. They pitch in at work, at church, in service clubs, in business, and in government at the local level. They are problem solvers and visionaries for Cheyenne.

That is another good reason to live here in Cheyenne.