Cheyenne’s quiet half billion $ market

Add up the annual economic impact on the Cheyenne area economy of Warren Air Force Base, Wyoming Air National Guard,  Wyoming Army National Guard, Navy Operational Support Center, veterans and military retirees living here and you quickly get to over $500,000,000.

That number provides livelyhoods for the many, many retailers and service providers in and around Cheyenne. It also provides stability and growth for our local economy.

The holiday gift giving season is upon us, and the level of success local merchants reach this year very much depends on how, and how much our military friends do business locally.

Business people here can increase the odds of attaining huge holiday sales numbers by reaching out to the military and veteran communities. These people have sizeable disposal incomes to spend on gifts for family and friends both here and wherever back home is.

If you are active duty or retired military please make an effort to give local merchants a chance to earn your holiday business.

If you are a Cheyenne area business person reach out to those who make up this half billion dollar market and invite them to do business with you. They can only find you if you get the word out and let them know what you have to offer.

Your investment in marketing and advertising directed at our military community is a sure bet. If you have the products and services they want, at fair prices, they will respond in droves to your invitations. When you tap into that market and treat them well, just like compound interest, they will help you spread the word about your business to all their friends and co-workers. 

How better to make your business grow than by working to build your base of military customers, clients, and patients.  Go the extra mile for them and they will do the same for you with people they know, multiplying the return on your business investment.

Businesses can prosper here from just their trade with the military community. Conversely, businesses here will die a quick death if they fail to develop a military customer base.

Yes, this is a shameless plug for businesses to use Cheyenne Minuteman print and digital advertising options to grow your military customer base. We are a local business, too. But this pitch does not reduce the impact of the military on Cheyenne. The market is there. We can help you connect to it.