Chris and Katie Upton promoted during joint ceremony

CHEYENNE –  Chris and Katie Upton, both members of the Headquarters and Headquarters Battery, 115th Field Artillery Brigade, were promoted to sergeant first class, during an Aug. 24 ceremony at the brigade headquarters in Cheyenne.

Chris joined the Guard in 2006 and his wife, since 2011, joined two years later in 2008. Chris’ brother 1st Sgt. Mike Upton, pinned rank on the couple’s uniforms and Maj. Jason Ruff took care of placing the new caps on their heads, before a good crowd of family, friends and unit members.

“This is the first time we’ve been promoted together,” Chris said. “It just kinda lined up. I think she got me on paper by a couple of weeks, but I beat her to E5, and she beat me to E6.”

“I’m surprised at how many people came today, and care about our careers,” an emotional Katie said, following the ceremony. “I felt loved,” her husband added.

The two met at drill around 2009, and, despite the pleadings of his brother, who at the time was Katie’s supervisor, to leave her alone, Chris asked her out on a couple of dates. 

“Then for about three months or so, I ignored him,” Katie said. 

“I don’t think it was that long, but it felt like an eternity,” Chris added. “I think she was scared of the strong feelings she had for me.”

According to master of ceremonies, Warrant Officer Candidate Brady Sheridan, “Chris refused to leave Katie’s desk until she promised to hang out with him.”

Six months later the two were engaged and six months after that, they married. Now they have two children, and a new house in their native-Cheyenne. 

Both are employed full time by the National Guard. Katie is the readiness NCO for the Brigade and a radar platoon sergeant on the weekend side. Chris is a full time budget analyst and a senior fire control sergeant with the brigade’s operations cell.

The couple enjoys running and has travelled to Washington D.C. for the United States Marine Corps Marathon a couple of times as well as the Army 10-Miler there. “We like doing healthy things together,” Chris said.

Both have their eyes on becoming first sergeants in the brigade. “Hmmm, first female first sergeant,” Katie wondered aloud. “I guess we’ll be competing for it,” Chris replied.