Combative training keeps defenders mission-ready

F.E. WARREN AIR FORCE BASE – Members of the 90th Security Forces Group participated in their annual combative training here, Sept. 5.

Defenders gained the skills to respond to various scenarios they may encounter while carrying out their duties.

“This training is important because you’re learning a life-saving skill,” said Senior Airman Angelique Torrence, 90th Missile Security Forces Squadron flight security controller. “I feel confident in my ability to defend myself if I’m ever attacked or put into a hostile situation.”

The defenders were educated on how to perform strikes, kicks and other combat skills.

“This training teaches our security forces members the basics of hand-to-hand combat,” said Staff Sgt. Stephen King, 90th Security Support Squadron security forces instructor. “They learn how to properly strike and kick, create a reactionary gap between themselves and a suspect, and anything else that could prepare them for real world situations.”

This training is conducted across the Air Force and keeps defenders prepared for anything that’s thrown their way.


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