Dronegate, Warren AFB the new DARPA or Area 51?

Recent reports of Drones-Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) -flying at night in remote areas of Northern Colorado and Western Nebraska have conspiracy theorists buzzing that they must be a special project coming from F E Warren Air Force Base.  

Indeed, the Warren Public Affairs Office and Wing Commander Pete Bonetti have spent time talking to national media outlets like CBS, ABC and others trying to explain that NO, THOSE DRONES ARE NOT COMING FROM WARREN AFB.

A plethora of national, regional and online conspiracy media have also kept the Base’s phone lines hot with producers and reporters trying to frame their questions in such a way to lead Warren’s reps to slip up and admit culpability in dronegate. So far these airmen have fended off the aggressive questioning without error, and with aplomb.

To be fair, there have been many credible reports of drones flying at night in many areas. Most have been accounted for and the Colorado Department of Public Transportation has used a heat detecting plane to try to confirm these particular sightings to no avail, and the Federal Aviation Administration is investigating, too. So far there has been no agency confirmation of these unidentified drones in the air nor their source. 

I have visited Roswell, New Mexico, near where in 1947 a UFO was said to have crashed. Even though government agencies have long ago released documentation that the crash was of a nuclear test surveillance balloon, conspiracy theories persist that it was truly a spacecraft crash and the government recovered the extraterrestrial occupants and are keeping them at a secret location. Since the 1970’s, tourists continue to visit Roswell as a UFO mecca destination. Local businesses have benefited from this tourist trade ever since.

F E Warren is known for ICBMs. Cheyenne is known for Frontier Days. Perhaps if we nurture this dronegate event we can add another fun tourist attraction to our local menu. Think Visit Cheyenne and the Chamber of Commerce might get on board? 

Well, maybe not.

Weird Connection to Best ICBM Wing Blanchard Trophy

The Blanchard trophy has been awarded since 1967. This rotational legacy trophy is given to the best missile wing. The Blanchard Trophy is named in honor of General William H. Blanchard who served as Strategic Air Command’s Director of Operations in the early 1960s during the command’s operational development of the nation’s ICBM force.‘Butch’ Blanchard rose in the ranks and by 1966 he was a 4-star general serving as Air Force Vice Chief of Staff. He died early of a massive heart attack at the age of 50.But early in Blanchard’s career he was the commanding officer of the 509th Bomber Wing and Roswell Army Air Force Base during the Roswell ‘UFO’ incident. Strange link.


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