Facemask couture for the foreseeable future

Facemasks will likely be around for a while. My wife has jumped on the bandwagon of making homemade cloth masks. She dusted off her sewing machine and, after a couple of experiments, found a pattern on line that she really likes. It really is a nice mask with adjustable elastic around the back of the head. The early masks with elastic around the ears tended to hurt my ears after a short time wearing.

My wife has excitedly made multiple custom masks for family and friends. She has spent hours shopping for fabric and sewing them. My daughter and her family have Baltimore Ravens masks and my young grandchildren have popular cartoon masks, princess masks, and movie themed masks lovingly made by my wife’ hands. My grown son has a Colorado Rockies mask, and a Wyoming Cowboy football mask among others. His girlfriend, who loves pineapples (I don’t know why) and collects everything with pineapples on it, has multiple pineapple pattern masks.

Just the right fabric has been searched out and masks made for co-workers, cousins, friends, and others. She even found fabric featuring fox faces wearing eyeglasses, and made a mask for her eye doctor.

I love my wife, and she has selflessly bent over her sewing machine for hours to provide these fun and functional gifts. She is a saint.

Yes, she has made me two masks, too. The first mask I got was Paw Patrol cartoon fabric, made from left over grand kid material. Nice and colorful, and kind of fun. I simply said “thank you dear.” Mask number two features cartoon airplanes, also left over grand kid fabric. Again, well, you know how I responded to her. I am not stupid.

Now I am never one to be ungrateful. But here’s the thing. There was no left over Rockies or Cowboy material? Not Ravens for sure, but I might settle for pineapples or seeing eye foxes. Clients, and especially friends I see often comment on my cute masks saying something like: “did you borrow that from your grandkids?”, or my more smart alecky friends, “did you steal that from a kid in the park?”

I even found myself offering to go to the fabric store with my wife the other day, thinking I might surreptitiously steer her to something I would like. She just looked at me perplexed and said “no thanks.”

I have even drifted to steathily looking at fun Denver Broncos masks, patriotic masks, and others online. I clicked off line so fast when my wife walked in the other day she probably thinks I was looking at porn, or Trump for President,  or something. 

But I don’t want to hurt her feelings, so I will just covet those masks online and continue to wear what she has affectionately provided for me. Besides, I know sometime soon she will surprise me with another mask that I will love. 

In the meantime: refer to paragraph four above.