Faces of the Mighty Ninety: Fitness Assessment Cell

F.E. WARREN AIR FORCE BASE – The 90th Force Support Squadron Fitness Assessment Cell has a unique mission of administering fitness assessments to 90th Missile Wing active duty personnel to ensure that they maintain fitness standards.

Although they may not be everyone’s favorite, they ensure that everyone is fit to fight.

“In my job, there is not much margin for error,” said Staff Sgt. Michael McMillen, 90th Force Support Squadron FAC manager. “Making a small mistake administratively can cost someone their career.”

The FAC conducts assessments four days a week and typically tests 25 individuals per day. This means they test on average 100 individuals per week, excluding down days and holidays.

“Preparation for the tests is the most important thing,” McMillen said. “You need to maintain your fitness all year round, but many people try to start their workouts a few weeks before their tests, this practice can ultimately lead to failure.”

A good workout includes a cardio respiratory regimen that is not so intense to cause injury, but keeps the body healthy and mobile.

“The fitness career field, and it’s training, has taught me that to maintain your current fitness level you must exercise three times per week,” said McMillen. “In order to improve your fitness levels, you must exceed the recommended three times per week.”

McMillen has been assigned to the FAC for two months, and he enjoys meeting different people throughout the installation and being able to push people when they are feeling defeated before finishing their assessment. These opportunities make the job rewarding, he said.    

“I have acted as a FAC augmentee four times now and I absolutely love it,” said Staff Sgt. Marina Martinez, 890th Missile Security Forces Squadron commander support staff. “It’s a nice change up from my daily duties and I feel like I am supporting the fitness program in a big way.”

For any questions or concerns about the FAC, call (307) 773-3863

Top: Members of the 90th Missile Wing begin the run portion of their fitness assessment at F.E. Warren Air Force Base, Nov. 16. The fitness assessment cell conducts assessments four days per week and typically tests 25 individuals per day. Photos by Terry Higgins

Bottom: Staff Sgt. Michael McMillen, 90th Force Support Squadron fitness assessment cell manager, assess fitness testing at F.E. Warren Air Force Base, Nov. 16. Fitness testing is critical to ensuring active duty personnel are fit to fight.