Good Neighbors abound, but be better prepared

Snowpocalypse 2021 has shown off our Wyoming good neighborliness as well as our rugged individualism. My own neighborhood banded together to help each other dig out from the 30 plus inches of wet March snow dumped on us. Stories abound of good Cheyenne people working together to deal with the white stuff to make sure nobody remained stranded for any length of time.

From those with snowmobiles providing transportation for those who needed to get to work or to those in need, to many, many fine Cheyennites with plows, snowblowers and shovels pitching in to help their neighbors, there are countless unsung heroes across our community.

We’ve heard stories about doctors cross country skiing to get to their hospital shift, firefighters walking through the deep snow to get to their job, and others snowshoeing to get to where they needed to be to help patients, clients, and customers. We even heard about local firefighters assisting in the surprising and wondrous delivery of a bouncing baby.

Construction businesses and others with front loaders stepping up to seamlessly work with the city to provide snow removal services and more. City, county, state, and federal government agencies smoothly sharing the effort to ameliorate a huge problem. Power companies working in miserable conditions to restore and keep the power on for us. 

These fine people will tell you that they were just doing what needed to be done. No big deal.

But it is a big deal, because it reminds us of what truly makes this state and country work. People doing what they need to do for themselves and their families, and then going above and beyond to help others in distressing circumstances. The golden rule is alive and well: Do unto others as you would have done unto you. This rule must be followed when we need it most.

We can grouse about whether or not the city, county, power company, or other entity did everything right. There are always situations that could have been handled better. They will all take a long look at the after action reports and learn some things they will do better next time. But now is the time for an enormous hug and thank you for all involved. It could have been much worse without everyone coming together to help each other.

It is also appropriate to note that for the most part those in Wyoming impacted by the snow storm did not sit around waiting for help from the government. Most of us prepared ahead of time as best we could, and then began the process of digging out once the storm subsided. Of course we expect our tax dollars to be used to efficiently and quickly clear our streets and thoroughfares, but that doesn’t mean we sit on our hands and wait for help. 

For those healthy and able who ignored the days of warnings ahead of this storm and found themselves in trouble, learn from this and be better prepared next time. Make better decisions ahead of time and instead of being in need of help, you can be one of the helpers next time around.