Intramural Golf Co-champions named

Photo1: 90 OG - from left to right - Capt Joseph Whelan, 1st Lt Gordon Lam. Photo 2: 90 MDG - from left to right - MSgt Thee Thorpe, SrA Brad Kepley, Civ Anthony Fontes, Civ Glenn Garcia

F.E. WARREN AIR FORCE BASE – The 2018 F.E. Warren Base Intramural Golf season ended in a tie for the championship. This is the first time that the league has ended in a tie. Congratulations to the following champion teams, 90 OG and 90 MDG. Thank you to all the teams and members who participated this season making it a successful year. 

90 OG team players

Capt Joseph Whelan

1st Lt Gordon Lam

Sam Wieser

Donny Caffey

Christopher Morgan

Austin Van Hoesen

Seth Hirschauer

Paul Moberg

Christopher Shrader

Christopher Pratho

Kyle Odea

90 MDG team players

MSgt Thee Thorpe

SrA Brad Kepley

Civ Anthony Fontes

Civ Glenn Garcia

Ashley Mussyal

Dan Cirbo

Patricia Chabala