Is our U. S. election integrity at stake?

Granted, there has always been some level of fraud in American elections, and Americans have come to accept it over the years, believing that the cheating is small and insignificate to the outcome.

Is it acceptable? IF the claims made by President Trump and his legal team are proven, the flim flam of the 2020 presidential election would eclipse the scams of historic political machines of Gene Talmadge in Georgia, and Huey Long in Louisianna in the 1920’s and 1930’s. Add in the deceptions of the Richard Daley machine of the 1960’s and you’re still not anywhere close to the titanic swindle of the 2020 election, IF substantial proof is forthcoming.

The number of states involved in lawsuits over the 2020 election, and the number of claims of dirty tricks boggles the mind.

IF is the word of the day. Initially the claims of election shenanigans made by the Trump team and others were simply that….claims. Many media and political figures immediately pooh poohed the idea that there could be such a big swindle. Of course there is some election cheating, just like in every election, but not enough to sway the results, they say. There has been no proof presented of wide spread fraud they say. Results need to be certified and deadlines are approaching they say.

Unofficial results in the 2020 presidential popular vote currently show Joe Biden with 81,009,468 votes and Donald Trump with 74,111,419. In comparison, an enthusiastic campaign for Barack Obama garnered 69,915,795 votes in 2008 and 65,899,660 in 2012. Unofficially, Joe Biden collected 15 million more votes than President Obama in 2008 and 11.5 million more than Obama’s total in 2012.

President Trump’s total in 2020 was the most any republican and/or incumbent president has ever totalled. Unofficially he collected 74,111,419 votes. His 2016 popular vote total was 62,984,828, winning enough in key states to win in the electoral college. 

After the discounting of their initial allegations by many, the president’s supporters have been hustling to gather affidavits, evidence, and proof of their assertions. This week has seen a parade of sworn witness testimony and stacks of notarized affidavits to back up their declarations. Statements under oath by election observers in different states have delineated everything from ballots being changed, ballots being mysteriously found after the election, official observers being blocked or locked out, votes being lost or misplaced, containers of votes suddenly appearing out of nowhere, voter machine software bias, results calculated outside the United States, and even a semi-truck trailer of completed ballots inexplicably vanishing. According to the Trump legal team, there are hundreds and hundreds of eyewitness statements filed as evidence in cases in Pennsylvania, Georgia, Arizona, Nevada, Michigan and Wisconsin. 

It is a little difficult to find online, but if you watch the compelling video testimony of many of these people attesting to the deceptions, you will discern that what they are swearing to is real. These are not just Trumpsters. Plenty of them are Democrats, or of no political affiliation. It just sounds fishy, and they sound credible. Instead of dismissing the claims out of hand, or listening to the talking heads shout, do your own research and make your own, individual determination. The effort is worth it, and necessary for all of us. After all, we have specific rights enummerated in the constitution, and with those rights come responsibilities. As citizens of this great country we each need to be responsible to make sure our elections are fair and accurate. Those election workers who are coming forward with their horror stories are taking their responsibility seriously, even at the risk of being doxed or worse.

At the very least, this circumstance reveals there are problems in our election processes in many situations and locations. This needs to be fixed, and that will only happen is if we, the people, make it happen.

Is the finagling on a grand enough scale to swing the 2020 presidential election? That is a big hill to climb, especially when arbitrary time limits compress the effort. If there is proof of massive fraud as charged, only a transparent legal process will prove that to the American public.

Time should not take precedence here. Let the legal cases play out and conclude. However it turns out, that is the only way the people in this country will have trust in this election and those in the future.