Keep your heads up Cheyenne

With the first case of Covid 19 reported in Laramie County its important to keep things in perspective.
“Hope is being able to see that there is light despite all of the darkness
“Get your heads up” was something my high school football coach used to say whenever we were tired or had lost and everyone was looking down in dismay.  I think it is good advice we should all follow right now.  Get your heads up Cheyenne!  Yes the current situation is very concerning, yes we should all be concerned about our own health, the health of our employees and the health of our neighbors, yes there are going to be significant economic challenges, some segments more than others and yes life as we know it is going to be different for a while.  We all need to see that "there is light despite all the darkness."  The belief in the future of our community our state and our nation starts with each one of us.
Your Chamber of Commerce is committed to be a beacon of light during these turbulent and crazy times.  We are committed to reminding you of the wonderful part of the world we live in and how blessed we are to do business here.  Your Chamber is committed to providing you the latest information and resources from reliable sources to navigate the virus and the economic challenges associated with it.  We are here for you!  If you need anything call us.  If you have a question call us.  If you just need a shoulder to lean on for a moment call us.  We are here for you!
Operationally the Chamber is open for business.  While we are taking precautions like changing event dates and meeting virtually our staff is here to meet your needs.  We are speaking daily to elected officials, consultants, the US Chamber, health professionals and others to make sure that we can facilitate our members.  Please watch our website as we are spending countless hours gathering the resources you need to deal with our current environment.  You can find the combined resources on our web page at  Just click on the Covid 19 banner about half way down for the information you need to navigate these stormy seas.
Keep your heads up Cheyenne!  We are a strong and resilient community and we are destined to come out of this challenge stronger and wiser.  STAY STRONG CHEYENNE!!
Your Chamber of Commerce