Lets have a big and safe coming out party for LOCAL businesses

Having taken a COVID-19 hit, local businesses are looking for our help to rebound. Slowly, but surely, we are venturing out more in our community and that is important for our local merchants. But only if we return to doing business with them.

During the period of pandemic induced isolation, some restaurants and retailers survived on pick up and delivery services. Some businesses simply closed for the duration, and others are not opening up again. Many in our community and across the globe relied on Amazon and other online shopping and home delivery services. Those options were just easier and less risky to deal with while avoiding infection.

If we want to have a vibrant and thriving Cheyenne we now need to step up and support local businesses. Local businesses are the lifeblood of our town. They provide jobs, as well as diversity in the products and services they make easily available to us. These merchants know us, and will go above and beyond to provide what we are looking for, when we need it. They are entrepreneurs who take the financial risks to provide us with local variety in products and services. They work hard to make their ideas work for us as customers, which in turn make their businesses successful.

Local businesses have now invested in cleaning, sanitizing, social distancing, facemasks, and other measures to make it as safe as possible for you to do business with them. The last thing they want is a second wave of the virus to stop their business in its tracks just when they are starting to dig out of the financial hole created by the pandemic in the first place. They are doing everything they can to prevent that from happening.

Go back to that restaurant you used to frequent and enjoy your favorite menu items. If you are new to Cheyenne, or didn’t dine or shop much in town, give a local restaurant or shop the chance to impress you. It is up to them to turn you into a regular customer, but they can only make that a reality if you give them a chance.

We have already lost much. Cheyenne summers are short. There are never enough nice weekends to get in all the outdoor activities and events we like to attend. But this year our usually filled summer calendar has many open dates. Local cancellations, including Frontier Days, change our plans. So do regional, national, and even international cancellations. The risks of contracting the virus while traveling will keep us close to home. Suddenly we have more time to explore what Cheyenne has to offer. Local businesses invite you to discover them. You may be pleasantly surprised.