Looking a lot like an online Christmas, but not so fast!

Usually at this holiday time of year I am cheering on my small business friends in retail and restaurant enterprizes. This is the time of year they normally make hay to close out the year and bounce them into the new year on a positive note. It is a time for restaurant servers to make more in tips, and retail workers to make more by working extra hours. It is customarily a time when those with full time jobs can earn supplementary money by picking up temporary holiday work. All this makes for tired, but happy people who can provide a little extra for their loved ones for the holidays. Some small business owners even pay holiday or year end bonuses for their employees based on the timely increase in commerce.

But as with most things, this year is different. My cheers for any in retail and service professions is for them to survive the COVID restrictions and come out on the other side intact and ready to grow again. That post virus time cannot come soon enough for all of us. This is especially true for those with small businesses, or working for them.

While it is convenient and relatively germ free to do Christmas online this year, keep our local businesses in mind as you round out your holiday shopping and dining. These Cheyenne businesses have been the ones supporting us for years with sponsorships and donations of time and money to our local causes. Right now they are jumping through all kinds of hoops to earn your business and make it easy and safe for you to shop or dine with them. Take them up on their offers and you will help keep them around to continue to pay their employees and provide help and support to the community into the future. You can make a difference for them and help make it a Merry Christmas for all!