Mission preparation begins with the home

Team Warren! 

As your wing commander, I have a great job. The best part of my job is making sure you have everything you need to be successful. This is not limited to training and equipment but also to your individual welfare and quality of life. You are the best weapon system in our Air Force. You keep our base safe, our vehicles and missiles ready and our force supplied. Without you, we simply cannot execute our mission.

Taking care of you so that you can crush it, day in and day out, is my absolutely primary task but as you know, our mission never sleeps! It is vital to our Nation’s security that you all bring your “A-Game” every single day. You are the reason we are called the Mighty Ninety! Your preparation for daily excellence is a process that starts in your home, which is why I’m writing this today. I’m aware that there have been maintenance requests and issues not properly handled within our military housing… and that cannot continue. I would like to take minute to provide a quick update on where we stand on resolving some of these matters.

Whether this is your first time ever living in military housing or you’ve lost track of the number of houses you’ve moved into, there always seems to be an issue that needs attention or an improvement that needs to be made. Heck, last week I had three to work on. Here at F.E. Warren we have some of the most historic homes within the entire Air Force, which comes with pros and cons. Whether you are in an historic home or our newer developments, the Military Housing Office (MHO) and Balfour-Beatty Communities (BBC) at F.E. Warren are dedicated to making sure you are mission ready. But we, as housing occupants, have make sure we lean forward to communicate our needs to these organizations.

The newest and best tool we have at our disposal is the “RENTCafe” Resident App. You should have registered on it already but if not, please download this app through the Apple or Android store. It’s free and provides a quick and easy way to submit work order requests and track the progress of work orders through completion. This app will allow BBC as well as your MHO to identify and find solutions to your housing issues. Please understand that after 1 October, all routine maintenance requests need to be submitted through the RENTCafe app.

Even with this incredible app, there could be a lot of reasons and potential circumstances behind an unsatisfactory housing maintenance response. I understand how frustrating those issues can be and many of you have raised several during our morning coffee gatherings in Fall Hall. We have been listening and communicating your needs to BBC through your MHO. I want you to know that there is a great process in place to tackle maintenance issues and get you the repair service you need when you need it.

First and foremost, if you are unsatisfied with any repair work, do not sign off the task as completed. I know BBC are great mission partners but I hold them to the same standard of excellence I hold you to. There is never a good reason and never an excuse for failing to properly complete a work order. As a business, BBC recognizes this.

Occasionally, repairs fail or you notice something after signing the task off as complete. If that is the case, call BBC through their local Customer Service line at (307) 432-0200. Also be sure to identify the issue in the online surveys you receive via email after every service response. If the customer service line and survey response doesn’t work or you remain unsatisfied with BBC’s response, contact the MHO at (307) 773-1840. The MHO is our military liaison dedicated to resolving your housing issues. They are your advocates and I encourage you to use them! Communicating with BBC and MHO throughout the maintenance process is our best way to prevent improper maintenance and ensure your issues are addressed effectively and timely.

There are rare cases when issues remain unresolved when MHO can’t resolve your issue with BBC. In that case, please let your chain of command know or call me directly. My number is (307) 630-7027. I am your advocate. Without you, our mission cannot be successful and if your focus on the job is disrupted by issues at home, we need to make sure those issues are being addressed. BBC, MHO, your chain of command and I work for you! We will get you what you need to be successful and to accomplish our mission.

I am incredibly proud to be a part of the Mighty Ninety. Each and every one of you is important to our base and our mission. I want to make sure you are taken care of and, by doing that, I can help you better accomplish your day-to-day duties that make our Nation stronger and keep the free world safe. Thank you for being involved, thank you for all you do, and never hesitate to reach out to me if there is something I can do to help you.


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