Rapid response for dealing with disaster

Corona virus, COVID-19, social distancing, homeschooling, working from home, frenzied shopping, shelter in place, business shut down, hours cut, unemployed, and on and on it goes with new realities facing all of us seemingly on a daily basis.

A month ago we were looking forward to Spring with a thriving economy, safe in our jobs and with hugging our family and friends. Now all that has been turned upside down in our effort to thwart a nasty illness that spreads rapidly if we don’t practice these new behaviors. But practice them we must to put a swift(er) end to this disaster.

Our leadership at the state, county and local level have been monitoring and making policy decisions and changes as the situation warrants. We must also heed their advice.

Our national leaders have reacted quickly and with the help of many experts in the medical community put together plans to deal with the virus, as well as with the hit the economy has taken. 

When you stop and think about it, the speedy response from the government, medical community and private sector to this crisis has been quite remarkable.

With immense focus, in a few short weeks the medical experts have been able to identify the virus and create accurate tests, develop some trial vaccines, discover some solid treatment options, and quickly gain a decent understanding of a brand new COVID-19 bug. Our national government has listened to the experts, and gotten out of their way as much as possible to allow them to figure this thing out.

Many in our private sector have voluntarily offered their expertise, facilities and workers to produce what we need to fight this battle, and they are doing so as quickly as they can. Once again our government is working to clear away much of the red tape to allow these industries to step into the breach in the best way they can.

Our divided congress has even pushed through bipartisan bills to help deal with the virus and the tattered economy. Nobody thinks these bills are perfect, but at least our representatives have limited the wrangling to a minimum to get some things done for the American people.

It makes me proud to see how quickly our leaders and all of us have come togerther to fight this war, but we still have a long way to go. Whether we are sick or not, we are all being impacted by this virus and the effort to fight it. So many businesses and their employees are in financial stress. Fortunately both medical and financial help are here, or on the way. 

As many others have said, we owe big thank yous to our friends and neighbors who are on the front lines right now. Health care providers, grocery store stockers and clerks, truckers, shippers, delivery drivers, and many, many more continue to work to keep the rest of us from feeling much more impact from this situation.

Here’s hoping for a return to some semblance of normal life sooner rather than later.