Real ID Act

Beginning Jun. 6, individuals with a state-issued identification card or driver’s license from Alaska, Kentucky, Maine, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Virginia and Washington will no longer be able to access F.E. Warren Air Force Base without an approved escort present at all times while on the installation.

Several states have been issued an extension, allowing federal agencies to accept driver’s licenses from these states until Oct. 10, 2017. A list of those states is as follows: American Samoa, California, Guam, Idaho, Illinois, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Michigan, Michigan*, North Marianas, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York*, North Carolina, North Dakota, Puerto Rico, Rhode Island, Texas, and the Virgin Islands.                                      

(Note: States marked by an asterisk indicate those with the option of purchasing an Enhanced Driver’s License which is Real ID Act compliant. License must say Enhanced.)

This procedural change falls in line with the Real ID Act requirements, which focus on improving the reliability of state-issued identification documents and help prevent a person’s ability to evade detection by using a fraudulent form of identification.

“By complying with this requirement, we are ensuring our base continues to remain safe and secure,” said Senior Master Sgt. Joe Valois, 90th Security Forces Squadron superintendent. “We have implemented processes so that visitors without authorized documentation are still able to access the base with a valid escort.” 

While the above mentioned IDs do not meet security and data-collection guidelines and will not be accepted to enter the base, alternate forms of identification will be allowed. Some more common alternatives include the following: a valid U.S. or foreign government-issued passport; an employment authorization document that contains a photograph; or ID cards issued by federal, state or local government agencies that include a photo and biographic information.  

Those who do not have acceptable documentation will not be permitted to enter the base without an approved escort. Individuals must fill out an Air Force form 75 at the gate one visitor’s center off Randall Avenue with their escort. If the visitor’s center is closed, gate one security forces personnel will be able to issue the authorized form.  

“If an individual is escorted, the sponsor is required to be physically present with the individual for the duration of the visit to the base,” said Lt. Col. Tony Castillo, branch chief of police services.

In addition to requiring an escort, according to Air Force officials, all individuals without proper identification attempting to gain access to an Air Force installation without a Department of Defense ID card will be subject to a routine background check.

For a full list of Real ID Act compliant and non-complaint states, visit the Department of Homeland Security website at Please contact the 90th Missile Wing Public Affairs office at (307) 773-3381 with any questions. 

AS OF 6 JUNE 2017:

The following states/territories are compliant with the REAL ID Act: (Unescorted Access)

  • Alabama, Arizona
  • Arkansas, Colorado
  • Connecticut, Delaware
  • DC, Florida
  • Georgia, Hawaii
  • Indiana, Iowa
  • Kansas, Maryland
  • Mississippi, Nebraska
  • Nevada, New Mexico
  • Ohio, South Dakota
  • Tennessee, Utah
  • Vermont, West Virginia
  • Wisconsin, Wyoming


Non-Compliant States. Escort only without other authorized ID. (Pink Pass)       

  • Alaska
  • Kentucky
  • Maine
  • Minnesota*
  • Missouri
  • Montana
  • Oklahoma
  • Oregon
  • Pennsylvania
  • Carolina
  • Virginia
  • Washington*





The following states/territories have an extension, allowing Federal agencies to accept driver's licenses from these states until October 10, 2017: After 10 Oct 17 escort only without other authorized ID. (Pink Pass)

  • Samoa
  • California
  • Guam
  • Idaho
  • Illinois
  • Louisiana
  • Massachusetts
  • Michigan*
  • Marianas
  • New Hampshire
  • New Jersey
  • New York*
  • Carolina
  • Dakota
  • Puerto Rico
  • Rhode Island
  • Texas
  • Virgin Islands


“*” next to a state indicates those with the option of purchasing an Enhanced Driver’s License, which is Real ID Act compliant. License must say Enhanced.



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