When I joined this service

I raised my hand

I took a solemn oath

To defend this land

Whether I work in an office

Or load up a mag

I swore my allegiance

To respect this flag

I stand at attention

I don’t kneel to one knee

I respect this country

Because this is me

My father was retired Army

One hell of a man

He returned with an illness

From Vietnam

Wouldn’t cuss or complain

Not even a nag

Each morning he saluted

As he raised up his flag

At the beginning of the morning

Or the end of the day

When the music started playing

He didn’t run away

He didn’t go back inside

Or put his hands behind his back

He stood there and saluted because

He was part of the Special Forces Pack!

A very proud man

To his dying day

Not just a soldier

He was a Green Beret

Took 14 years

For it to take its toll

But he continued to salute

That flag on that pole

When that flag is flying

It flies for me and you

Regardless if you served in the Desert

Vietnam or World War II

So I’ll make you a promise

And a challenge to you

Stand there beside me and salute

The Red, White and Blue

So I pledge allegiance

To this flag

And if you don’t like it

That’s too Damn Bad!


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