Run better, feel better, with Ian Adamson

F.E. WARREN AIR FORCE BASE – Ian Adamson, world-renowned ultra-runner and biomechanical specialist, held a natural running form clinic and symposium on Sept. 13-14. The clinic included a combination of hands-on demonstrations, lecture and nutrition education. 
Alison Morrell, 90th Force Support Squadron health promotion coordinator, expressed that the idea overall was to educate our active duty population on how to run more efficiently, decrease the risk of injury and train smartly, allowing them to meet the Air Force fitness standard.
Morrell provides a gait analysis service to members on base. The gait analysis allows an individual’s running form and stride to be examined for practices that could and have led to injury.
Focusing on facilitating change in running style, those attending practiced various drills and running forms to increase the longevity of one’s physical health and ability to be active.
 “On the gait analysis I perform, the majority of runners are heel strikers,” Morrell said. “When landing on their heel, those impact forces are going straight up that kinetic chain and their body is taking on an enormous amount of force. Through incorporating these drills into a runner’s daily routine, they become a better runner and it is better for their body.”
Running is an integral part of Air Force fitness, and Airmen are expected to test their running ability once or twice a year. Adamson hopes the class allows Airmen to find joy in running and see healthy running as a way of life, as well as essential to readiness.
“I hope Airmen learn to like running because it is important for readiness, general health and wellness and for their peace of mind,” Adamson said.
The class was well received and encouraged self-awareness in regards to the body.
 “The instruction was superb and he put the joy back into exercising,” said Capt. Passion Julinsey, 20th Air Force professional development officer. “By slowing down our movements, we become more aware of what our body is telling us.  I enjoyed the running drills and will be paying more attention to my muscles and joints throughout the day.”
If you are interested in healthy running or want to get a gait analysis contact the F.E. Warren Fitness center at (307) 773-3318.