Suicide Symposium set for September 10

The Cheyenne Veterans Affairs Medical Center, F.E. Warren Air Force, and Army National Guard suicide prevention managers have teamed up this year for the 1st Suicide Symposium set for September 10th. This event will be Broadcast live via Facebook and YouTube. The Public affairs Department and Veterans affairs public relations department have agreed to sponsor this event to post on website/face book, and twitter sites for marketing purposes and support this event.

The week of September 6-12th is the national suicide prevention week. The committee is interested in doing 5-10-minute talks on spreading suicide prevention/intervention for veterans and active military soldiers around the state of Wyoming. 

September 7 – topic drug and alcohol and the suicide risk: Psychological Health Ms. Cheryl Cameron, LCSW, Air National Guard

September 8 – PTSD/veterans suicide: Ms. Linda Benson VA Cheyenne LCSW/Suicide Prevention Manager

September 9 – Friends and family member-risks and support-connect to protect-#Be There: Ms. Rebecca Nordin, LPC, Violence prevention and Suicide Prevention Manager, Air National Guard

September 10 – Active duty and combat veterans-suicide stats and recovery challenges-suicide hot line. Ms. Kimberly Dreyer BSW, Suicide Prevention Manager, Army National Guard

September 11 – Resiliency in suicide/intervention and solutions-Impact to ignite change: Ms. Nikki Hernandez, LCSW Psychological Health, Air National Guard.