Summer sunshine is light at the end of covid tunnel

Spring fever seems to be spreading faster than the corona virus in Wyoming right now. With the white piles from the snowcopalypse a couple of weeks ago  disappearing quickly, a tinge of green is visible in the landscape.

The snowstorm put a capstone on the seemingly endless months of self isolation we have endured due to the virus. Many of us have been carefully getting out and about in fits and bursts for a while, but we have not been able to comfortably luxuriate in longer visits with friends and family and other fun activities.  

Boards, clubs, churches, businesses and other organizations have been pushed into communicating through Zoom™ prison cells. The desire to get back to regular in person meetings is palpable.  We need that human, social connection that is only attained through in person dialog, non-verbal communication, and laughing together. There are people with whom I serve on boards and committees that I have never met in person.  To them, I am just a face on a screen that, in addition to making some smart aleck comments, sometimes contributes to the discussion in a positive way (hopefully). I look forward to sitting with them at a conference table in the near future. Many of them have expressed the same sentiment.

While the vaccine and lower covid case numbers raise our hopes, the sunshine and longer days tease us into garden and flower seed research, polishing up our golf clubs, checking our camping, fishing and boating gear, and otherwise preparing for a breakout. Plans for summer community events are cautiously being advanced, as are barbeques and other get togethers with family and friends. After facing cancellation last year, a mostly normal Cheyenne Frontier Days will be a very welcome disruption to enjoy in our summer ahead.

We all know that the springtime Wyoming weather is not ready to let us loose yet. But the pent up yearning is about to explode. The segregation and seclusion we have endured means we must never again take for granted the ability to get out and do stuff-TOGETHER. Putting off visits, travel, and enjoying each other in our rich Wyoming realm can be no more. 

The conversation has turned from the aches and pains of dealing with the mounds of white stuff to the forecasted 70 degree weather for this weekend. If that forecast holds true, I fully expect our neightborhood, and those all over Cheyenne, to come alive with outdoor activity. We will all find some excuse to be outside, and to reconnect with our neighbors. Rather than a quick hello and brief conversation between shovels of snow, we’ll have some more leisurely visits and catch up in our front yards and porches. Such a simple thing, but I can’t wait.

Here’s to hoping that we can soon gather together to talk about the aches and pains, not from shoveling snow, but from planting, yardwork chores, hiking, biking, golfing, fishing, and the other activities we will get to enjoy as we escape the tether of weather and a nefarious virus.