Task Force Spartan dedication awarded

Maj. Wayne Graves, the behavioral health officer for the 115th Field Artillery Brigade, was awarded the Army Achievement Medal from Lt. Col. Malcolm Warbrick Friday, June 12. Graves invested in the future of the organization by working with Soldiers throughout the formations. His dedication to the mission and Soldiers was seen throughout the brigade, and Camp Redleg as a whole.


Lt. Col. Marko Rubich and Command Sgt. Maj. Thad Ehde presented the Brigade Command Coin to select Soldiers from Bravo/741st Brigade Engineer Battalion, Alpha/1-158th Field Artillery Regiment and the 4-133rd Field Artillery Regiment for their excellence and dedication to the mission at Camp Redleg. Each of these Soldiers, and units as a whole, enabled to 115th Field Artillery Brigade to succeed as the Force Field Artillery Headquarters (FFAHQ). Their contribution to the mission allowed the Task Force Spartan FFAHQ to maintain mission command and life support operations throughout the period of Iranian aggression and COVID-19, and assisted in continuing to strengthen regional partnerships.

Reid Golike, the information technology team chief for the 115th Field Artillery Brigade, was promoted to sergeant Friday, June 12 at Camp Redleg. Sgt. Golike has been with the 115th FAB since April 2019 and is currently deployed in support of Operation Spartan Shield.


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