Thank you for being a friend ...

Thank you for being a friend 

Traveled down a road and back again 

Your heart is true, you’re a pal and a confidant …..

Although there’s been many cover versions of this song, it was first recorded by the late Andrew Gold in 1978. The song was used as the theme for the long running TV show ‘Golden Girls’, and has survived the generations as part of other commercials and shows.

As the California breezy tune is floating through your head, think of it as a theme song for Cheyenne’s Adopt an Airman program. Now imagine your family, or yourself befriending a first term airman at Warren Air Force Base. Your heart is true… as you provide local friends and an off base sanctuary for an airman new to the base and Cheyenne. 

If you have ever moved far away from home and family, and lived in a dormitory type setting, you know you wished at that time you had a local person or family to help you get away from the dorm, and work, to do some fun things. Or just to hang out somewhere comfortable, away from day to day pressures of a new career. To spend some time with people not attached to that career, to give some balance to your life. 

Share a little of your life with an airman and you’ll help them get a good start on their military career. If you’re lucky, you’ll establish a life long friendship. As an adopt an Airman host or host family you are matched with a first term airman who enjoys some of the same activities and hobbies that you do. You can teach them some of the ins and outs of these activities that you have learned and developed.

In return, your adopted airman will clue you in to some of the culture and customs of the part of the country from which they hail. You’ll both learn something from each other, making it a fun and mutually beneficial relationship.

Being a host family is not a full time commitment, and you don’t have to create special events to be a good host. Some hosts and airmen see each other often, others less so. The time commitment is up to you. The best relationships result when you simply include your new friend in your normal family and friend activities. 

Right now the Adopt and Airman program has more airman signed up to participate than we have local people to host them. Life is hectic, but if you can find a little time to be a bit of… a pal and a confidant …for a brand new airman at Warren AFB please consider joining Cheyenne’s Adopt an Airman program as a local host. 

The Adopt an Airman program is part of the Military Affairs Committee of the Cheyenne Chamber of Commerce. You can learn more on facebook at adoptanairmanwyo or find the host application form on the Military Affairs Committee page at Email address is [email protected], phone number is 307-638-338

Make yours a home away from home for a first term airman.