The Cheyenne Chamber and Blue FCU proudly hosted The Boeing Company

CHEYENNE – Events were planned to educate local businesses on the opportunities coming their way with the modernization of FE Warren Air Force Base’s Nuclear Deterrent Mission. The first session held Thursday, April 11th, focused on educating attendees on the history of FE Warren and the nuclear deterrent mission. Followed by a session educating local businesses on how to become a supplier to capitalize on this upcoming investment for the modernization. A total of 86 businesses were represented today from all over the region.

“Boeing has provided the reliable Minuteman ICBM to the U.S. Air Force for the deterrence mission since 1958. In August 2017, the Air Force awarded Boeing $349 million for the Technology Maturation and Risk Reduction work on the Ground Based Strategic Deterrent, which will replace the Minuteman III. We are focused on completing all TMRR milestones and preparing a GBSD solution that is capable, flexible and affordable.” stated Patricia Dare, The Boeing Company.

Currently The Boeing Company is one of two companies competing for the Air Force Contract to modernize the missiles. Northrop Grumman is the other business in the running. Congress has appropriated a total of $90 Billion to this upgrade. The selected company will be the “Prime” for this effort and will be responsible for modernizing all three missile bases in the nation. Upon awarding the contract communities will learn how the selected Prime plans to roll-out the modernization and will then be provided next steps.