Time to re-group on Flag Day

Watching television news and commentary exagerates and exacerbates the political divide we have in this country. Bots and algorythms on social media spread harsh political views at the speed of the internet. You would think that all this communicating would bring us closer together and make our worlds much clearer to understand.

Not so. Instead we have learned that we are unable to process and sort out the wheat from the chaff in our news feeds at the rate it comes at us. We get trapped into feeling that if we take the time to verify and check the sources of news, we will be left behind as the world moves on to the next thing.

So we end up falling back on the fallacy of believing the reports and posts that reinforce our own world view, rather than finding the truth that will serve to broaden our perspective. If we’re not careful, this leads us to focus on the small but sensational issue of the hour or minute, and miss out on big picture matters that affect us more in the long term.

That is why a day set aside to focus on our flag and what it represents is important for us to observe. Flag Day each year commemorates the unifying affect the adoption of the stars and stripes had during the Revolutionary War.

During times of conflict and strife the flag has continued to serve as a unifier, bring Americans together. 

Today, as at other times in our U.S. history, some of our citizens view the flag as a cudgel their political foes use to beat them over the head about their criticisms and negative views of our country’s policies and actions contrary to their beliefs.

Some Americans view those contrary views as a lack of patriotism.

But when America is attacked, disrespected, or pilloried by our adversaries in this world, we come together under that flag. Just like family members who may fight like dogs and cats amongst ourselves, we tend to come together when outsiders confront one of us.

In the United States we come together under that one flag when we must.

So maybe Monday can be a day that we begin to realize that we are at a time when it is necessary to put our petty differences aside and work together under the flag of the United States of America.

Fly your flag. If you don’t have one, clip out the flag on the back page of this newspaper and display it in your window.