Transparency…Careful what you wish for!

Love him, or hate him, you know what he’s thinking most of the time. President Trump’s tweets most often leave little ambiguity in his point of view. You may not like what he has to say, but you have no problem knowing where he is coming from. You have to give him credit for that.

Same thing for the ‘impromptu’ press conferences on his way to, or from the Marine One helicopter. He generally says what he means, and means what he says when questioned by the media.

Now we have a new transparency precedent with the release of the transcript of President Trump’s phone conversation with President Zelenskyy of Ukraine. This is new and unchartered territory. As a media person I am always in support of as much openess as possible in government at all levels. It is intriguing to me to be able to read the transcript myself and realize the conversation between leaders of countries flows similarly to phone calls the rest of us make, albeit about more high level topics.

It is also fascinating to me that Americans on one side of the political spectrum interpret that conversation as damning evidence of malfeseance on the part of the president, while many others of a different stripe read the transcript with a big ho-hum and defend the president against what they see as another unwarranted attack.

The words in the transcript are the same for us all to read. The only difference is what we each read into that conversation through our own political filters. Unfortunately that is true for reporters of national media outlets, too.

In the future, will opponents of the president, any president, request transcripts of phone calls based on anonymous, second hand allegations? Will this president, or any other, continue to release this type of record of high level conversations to the public? Based on what is going on right now, why would they?

I have always naively believed that if we, the public, could just be privy to the raw conversations and information generated by our government, we would be able to see the truth. Like a fly on the wall we would see first hand what our leaders are up to. But unlike that fly, we would be able to understand and all agree upon the specifics of those situations. I guess I should have realized that there is no way that could happen. Any law enforcement officer, investigator, or attorney will tell you they often get conflicting eye witness accounts of the same event. There are plenty of examples of this in observers of government, too.

But somehow I just keep thinking that everyone else must see this raw government information the same way I do, and I can’t understand when they don’t. And therein lies the problem for all of us.


Golf Super irrigation system repair update:

According to Warren Golf Course Superintendent Lisa Kentner, this week irrigation system leaks have been repaired allowing watering on the entire fairways for holes 10 and 14. Half of the system on the #1 fairway has been repaired this week. Next week the rest of #1 fairway will be fixed and then the crew will move on to repair #3 fairway leaks and will continue fixing other leaks over the next 3 weeks or so.