Trying to do our part to help local businesses survive and then thrive

Uncertainty is the bane of any business, large or small.  But uncertainty is about all that business owners and managers are dealing with right now.

Hopefully many of you have applied for, and received, approval for Small Business Administration loans/grants through the new federal paycheck protection plan so you can keep your staffs in place and your businesses going until this crisis situation ends. And it will end.

In an effort to help local businesses, the Minuteman and Wyoming Newspapers Inc. have established a $100,000 Community Marketing Grant Fund. This fund will enable us to match dollar for dollar any advertising you do with us over the next three months. These extra advertising dollars are designed to help you through this difficult time and then give your business an extra push when things are opened up again.

As a family owned business, the Minuteman is committed to supporting our local partners and helping them reach customers and relaunch their business. 

We will provide up to $100,000 of matching advertising dollars, and funds can be used for print or digital advertising with the Minuteman. This program is open to locally owned and operated businesses impacted by the coronavirus, whether or not they are current Minuteman advertisers. Applications must be submitted via our short, simple online form, located at:

Grants are available for a minimum of $100 of matching funds each month and will be awarded in April, May and June. The matching grant must be used within the same month.

Applicants will receive a response to their application within one to two business days.

We can all see local businesses and people in our community are hurting. We’re hurting as well, and pulling together in this time of need will help us get through it, together. At the Minuteman, we are willing to do everything we can to help people and businesses get through this pandemic and get back to earning money to support them and their families.

For more information, or to apply, visit

Buy local as much as you can to support those who support you.

During this difficult time, please support local Cheyenne businesses. After all, these are the same businesses that sponsor your kids sports teams, and donate to your schools, churches, veteran, and military organizations.

You will find great businesses that support veterans and military members on the pages of this Minuteman newspaper, and on our website.

If you can, now is the time to pay some of that back. Those businesses still open at this time need whatever customers they can get to help them survive and keep their employees surviving, too. Order curb service, delivery, or drive through from your favorite restaurants. Do what you can to support these fine members of our community.

Once this crazy situation is over, please plan to spend some money with those businesses that have to be closed right now, but will reopen as soon as restrictions are lifted. Those business people are wondering right now what will happen when they are able to open their doors again. We all need to welcome them back with open arms and open wallets, as much as we can.