Video conferences gone amuck

Don’t you wish you would have invested in Zoom™ about 3 months ago. Talk about a company positioned to expand their business at the right time. I’m sure they were going along just fine when BAM! all of a sudden we all needed to sign up and start using video conferencing from our home offices for work meetings. 

As we learned to use this business tool, we also discovered it was a great way to stay in touch with family and friends during this time of social distancing and stay at home. Technology can be wonderful when the function suddenly matches up with the need.

Video conferencing will never totally replace good old face to face meetings, but I’m sure it has found a more prominent and permanent place in our work and social lives.

It has been remarkable, too, to quickly find a plethora of video conferencing advice circulating online. Even a number of free webinars designed to show us how to create productive video meetings. If you really want more indepth instruction you can sign up for a slight fee. Capitalists at work.

I figured this was all common sense: dress properly, enunciate, check your lighting so you don’t look sinister, make sure the camera angle doesn’t feature your nose hairs, check what’s in the background behind you, don’t pick your nose, make sure your pets are put away, make sure your kids are aware and taken care of, make sure your husband doesn’t walk through naked, etc., etc. 

But based on the number funny of memes and videos posted on social media, this new tool is taking time for some of us to get used to. At least these postings are providing some much needed comic relief from the stress of isolation we may feel at times. 

Last week our Cheyenne Chamber of Commerce used the Zoom™ platform for a Military Affairs Committee meeting enabling us to hear from our military and community leaders, and featuring 90th MW Commander Col. Pete Bonetti. Today the chamber is featuring another video conference in lieu of a monthly luncheon meeting. 

At a time when we are all frustrated and wishing for the old way of communicating and socializing, at least we have a way to see some friendly faces from time to time.

Stay healthy!