Warren Lanes had a fun month of Bowling

F.E. WARREN AIR FORCE BASE – August 15 and 16 Warren Lanes held a Squadron Bowling Challenge (SBC), this was open to all squadron member, building a team of 4. The Winners of this SBC was 90CES, team consisted of Jody Helton, Matt Erickson, James Vejrostek and Gil Ferrel.

August 18 they held a Retiree Bowling Tournament, must have been a retired Military member to compete. Winner was Retired MSgt David Downey!

August 25 was their 9-Pin No Tap Tournament, this was open to all bowlers and a lot of fun was had. Winner was Mike Dixon!

Ending out the month of August was our NFL League. The NFL league was open to anyone interested and bowled on Friday nights throughout the entire summer. At the end of the league ALL participants received either an NFL Bowling Ball or Bowling Pin of their choice. The winner of this league was a team called the Twinkies. This team consisted of Jody, Kristoffer and Justin Helton. For Kristoffer and Justin this was their first time bowling in a league and their first time bowling without bumpers as they are only 6 years old. They had a great time bowling with everyone, but most especially they got to bowl with their daddy! “I am extremely proud of the Twins for taking on this responsibility, for trying something challenging and learning the rules of the game. I am also proud of their daddy for doing something fun with our sons. I never expected them to take 1st place!” said Lisa Helton.

Thank you to everyone who participated in our tournaments and be on the lookout for more in the very near future.

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