We must be kid safe as well as Covid safe


Drive safely!

So, the cherished members of our Cheyenne families are distracted as they make their way along our sidewalks and roadways. Parents have done their level best to teach the rules of the road and used the ‘look both ways’ mantra to keep their children safe on these treks to and from school. Many practiced the trip with their kids before the start of classes.

Many of us grown-ups are dealing with long hours at work due to current staff shortages. The stresses of making things work out in our places of work can keep us distracted as we rush around taking care of more than the usual amount of work needs.

We need to make sure these diversions do not lead to inattention at the wheel of our vehicles. Students are excited and agitated as they get back into the school routine. It is incumbent on all of us to keep our own frenzied lives from creating a tradgedy on our roads.

We all know where schools are located in our neighborhoods. If we don’t have kids to deliver to school, we know the best routes to avoid the school traffic and should use them.

If we have kids to take, it is important to allow enough time for our trips so that we are not rushing along the way. They say ‘it takes a village’ to raise a child, and it certainly is necessary in keeping ours and their schoolmates safe in the school rush hours.

After a breezy summer we now must pay attention to the school zones and reduced speed limits. Even when running late it is never okay to pass a school bus loading or unloading students with lights flashing and the stop signs extended.

We all do whatever we can to keep our kids and grandkids safe from viruses, bad people, and the many other dangers in our world. It is incumbent on us to pay attention and keep them safe as they make their way to school.

Here’s to a fun year of learning for all of Cheyenne’s students!