Why not give Kanye his opportunity?

If you went to the polls to vote Tuesday in Cheyenne, or visited a busy location in town, you probaby encountered someone gathering signatures to get Kanye West on Wyoming’s general election ballot as an independent candidate for president.

As I left the Frontier Days polling location after voting I was curious as to what the young man at the edge of the parking lot was doing with his clipboard, so I asked him. I admit I chuckled when he asked me if I would sign his petition. But then the libertarian in me spoke up and I thought, ‘why not give Kanye a chance?’

After all, he has put some time, effort, and money into his late entry. Maybe he has earned at least a shot at it. It’s not like I was voting for him. So what the heck, I signed up. 

One of my more liberal friends told me I was just trying to get Kanye West to siphon votes from Joe Biden. But honestly, I did not even think about that when I signed the clipboard. In this country anyone who meets the age and other requirements can run for, and become president. So why not give them all a chance?

My friend also made the comment: “well, we have one bi-polar president, why not another one?” While she was referring to the current occupant of the White House, history may show several past presidents with similar afflictions. At the very least, you can’t get to that high office without some narcissism in your make-up. 

But that’s an aspect of the beauty of the United States of America, our constitution, and our capitalistic system. It is very difficult for many to make their way to the top. Some Americans have many more obstacles to overcome than others to achieve great success. We don’t have equality in where we start, or even in the opportunities that come our way. But we do all have the opportunity to get to the top in our professions, or politics, with hard work, smarts, and sacrifice.

That’s why I signed up to get Kanye West on the ballot in Wyoming. 

Plus, if he becomes president we could find out even more about the Kardashians.