Will hope win over fear in 2021?


Fear of getting sick with Covid-19. Fear of dying from the virus. Fear of passing on the disease to older family members, and losing them.

Fear of losing your job. Fear of losing work hours and pay. Fear of not being able to pay the rent or mortgage, or for food.

Fear of your kids falling behind in their education. Fear of them, and you, missing out on extra curricular and social events that round out our lives.

Fear of showing our love and respect for one another with handshakes, high fives, and hugs and kisses. Fear of each other.

Fear of gathering together for shopping, church, celebrating, dinner, or just a cup of coffee.



Hope that the vaccines developed in record time will quickly blunt the spread of the nasty virus.

Hope that treatments will continue to improve for those who get sick. Hope that there will be no lasting impact on the health of those who get well.

Hope that we can get back to work. Hope that everyone’s household incomes will get back to where they were, maybe better. Hope that we can all soon enjoy some income security.

Hope that our kids will swiftly be able to catch up on what they missed from limited school options. Hope that school sports, speech and debate, math competitions and other extra competitions that sharpen skills will begin again in earnest.

Hope that public displays of love, respect and affection will once again become normal (up to a point), and private displays will be less tentative and more fervent. Hope that to see and touch each other will replace apprehension.

Hope that life’s get togethers become awesome festivities that we share together with large groups of family and friends.

Here’s hoping I see you, really see you, often in 2021. Maybe at the store, or church, at a dinner celebration, out at Cheyenne Frontier Days, or even just for a nice, relaxed cup of coffee.