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It’s not working…can we admit we’re wrong?

In the real world we all have to sometimes make course corrections in our lives and businesses. Perhaps an opportunity we thought we saw turns out to be a bust. An idea we had isn’t as bright as we thought. Or circumstances outside of our control impact us in a way that demands a change in plans or direction.

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A wildfire in suburban Colorado in December?

Who would’ve thunk it?! Those of us who live in cities and towns don’t consider our homes may be taken away by a wildfire. That’s something that happens in the mountain forests and rural grasslands in spring and summer.

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Look locally for a promising, productive 2022

At the end of 2019 I wrote a column extolling all the great things happening at the federal level in the good ol’ US of A. A growing economy, relatively cheap gas, low interest rates, China, Russia, Iran, and North Korea held in check, a disappearing caliphate in the Middle East, and fading terrorism all presaged a very promising 2020.

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Respect is plentiful among Cheyenne and Warren’s new leaders

The finalized $130 million Laramie County sixth penny sales tax ballot proposal is now available for all of us to review and learn about. Each time the tax comes up for renewal the tussel between needs and wants works through the give and take of our Laramie County Commissioners, Cheyenne City Council and Mayor, and the city officials in Pine Bluffs, Albin and Burns.

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In need of 41 friends for new airmen

A huge first term airmen class this month created 41 new applicants to Cheyenne’s Adopt an Airman program. This program matches new airmen at Warren AFB with the good people of Cheyenne.

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Be your own “Optimistic Skeptic” to survive in the excess information age

Good journalists are open to unfamiliar theories and new takes on old ones.

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Time to re-group on Flag Day

Watching television news and commentary exagerates and exacerbates the political divide we have in this country. Bots and algorythms on social media spread harsh political views at the speed of the internet. You would think that all this communicating would bring us closer together and make our worlds much clearer to understand.

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Tough now for our local small businesses to survive

The dichotomy between having state, county, city governemts, and school districts awash in new cash from federal tax dollars (albeit borrowing) and the struggle local businesses, especially service businesses, are having is disconcerting.

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Commemorating history as it happens

Given the plethora of electronic and on line news sources now available, and the ever changing media landscape, it is comforting to realize that local newspapers continue to be the consistent and reputable recorders of history.

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