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E Pluribus Unum, out of many, one, or In God We Trust

In July 1776, a committee of our founders including John Adams, Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson was charged with creating a motto and seal for this new country.

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Pandemic forces all of us to prioritize

Perhaps a silver lining emanating from the response to the COVID-19 pandemic is that for many of us the need to prioritize has itself become a top priority.

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Feels like a battered, bruised America this Independence Day

Americans seem to be limping into revised, re-vamped and toned down July 4th celebrations this weekend.

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Please man up and mask up

The recent resurgence in COVID-19 cases in this region and others around the country begs the question: how do we stop the increase in cases?

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Social media experiment…

I should know better. I do know better, but decided to try anyway.

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Video conferences gone amuck

Don’t you wish you would have invested in Zoom™ about 3 months ago.

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