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Comity leading to better city governance?

Way too early to tell. But it was nice to see a long list of actions taken by our city council in the news reporting on this week’s meeting.

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Thank you for being a friend ...

Imagine your family, or yourself befriending a first term airman at Warren Air Force Base.

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Summer sunshine is light at the end of covid tunnel

Spring fever seems to be spreading faster than the corona virus in Wyoming right now. With the white piles from the snowcopalypse a couple of weeks ago disappearing quickly, a tinge of green is visible in the landscape.

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The Emperor has no clothes… at the border

Time and time again we see elected government officials at all levels fighting openess in government. Right now at the highest level in our country we have a prohibition from allowing media, thus the public, to see exactly what is going on at our southern border.

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Good Neighbors abound, but be better prepared

Snowpocalypse 2021 has shown off our Wyoming good neighborliness as well as our rugged individualism. My own neighborhood banded together to help each other dig out from the 30 plus inches of wet March snow dumped on us.

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Much Respect for Wyoming State Representatives

With state budget woes, our state reps and senators now meeting at the capitol are easy targets for our criticism, jokes, sarcasm, and ridicule. No doubt, sometimes those comments are warranted when those elected officials speak or act without thinking things through. Fill in here with your favorite political joke.

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Why don’t we trust the U. S. electorate?

Apparently 31 democrats in congress have started a movement to relieve our president from the sole responsibility of ordering a nuclear attack.

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Executive orders reminiscent of the decrees of Delores Umbridge

Fans will remember the repetitive scenes in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix in which the goulish caretaker of Hogwarts climbs his ladder to tack more and more orders on the wall from the evil newly appointed headmistress Delores Umbridge. The number of these dictums grows and grows until there is no room left on the wall.

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What do you need to know? Who do you trust?

Do you want to know what your city, county and school districts are up to?

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Share the love with all presidents on this holiday

This year presents an intriguing juxtaposition of Valentine’s Day on Sunday, and Presidents’ Day on Monday.

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After the fact voter suppression

Voting is both a right and a responsibility for American citizens. It is important that all legal voters be allowed, encouraged and unchallenged in casting their ballots.

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Accessibility and transparency hallmark for Mighty 90 leadership

At a time of unprecedented censorship in the media and online, it is refreshing to experience the type of candor that we have seen from 90th MW Commander Col. Peter Bonetti and Command Chief MSgt. Tiffany Bettisworth.

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Cheyenne loses a quiet, humble leader and good friend

You may have crossed paths with Bruce during his long Air Force career. You may know Bruce from his most recent time as a member of the leadership team at Warren FCU, now Blue Federal Credit Union. You may know him from his work life.

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Providing a platform OR Publishers?

Newspaper and media companies are considered publishers. Internet companies are considered platforms, NOT publishers.

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A great role model for girls, young women, and all of us

The contentious United States Senate Judiciary Committee confirmation hearings for U.S. Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett has been mostly focused on everything but the nominee.

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Facemask couture for the foreseeable future

Facemasks will likely be around for a while.

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The devil made me do it, always a cop out

A favorite catch phrase of comedian Flip Wilson was “the devil made me do it.’

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