Camp Guernsey aerial firefighting exercise to test units

CHEYENNE – Camp Guernsey hosted a joint aerial bucket firefighting table-top exercise on Feb. 19. Two months later, on April 19, several agencies will execute the mission in a real world setting, certifying pilots, firefighters, and range control personnel while following emergency protocols, and putting out fires.

“This annual aerial bucket exercise is a team effort, reinvigorating our known and tested fire mitigation processes between agencies,” said Director of Operations Maj. Michael S. Fields. “This event tests our air to ground capabilities, certifies our teams, and engages our equipment as we approach the dry season.”

Agencies taking part in the exercise include Camp Guernsey’s operations; fire department; public works; air operations; the fire desk; and environmental department; and the Wyoming State Forestry Division.

Camp Guernsey maintains a 24/7 fire department and 44 certified wildland firefighters managing 78,000 acres of training ground.

The exercise will test the firefighting response and coordination of the participants. It will simulate the realistic conditions for a fire emergency, and evaluate the support each unit provides as they combine to accomplish key tasks: alert notification; air-to-ground communication; aerial firefighting procedures; and recovery procedures.


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