Celebrate Wyoming's Birthday with a few fun firsts

Happy Birthday Wyoming - July 10th

1868 - The Wyoming Territory was established July 25.

1869 - The Wyoming territory was the first in the U.S.  to grant women the right to vote.

1870 - Esther Hobart Morris was appointed the First Woman Justice of the Peace in the U.S., February 17, 1870 in South Pass City.

1872 - Yellowstone National Park was established as the world’s first National Park, March 1, 1872.

1886 - Wyoming was the first state to have a County Public Library System. The Laramie County Public Library System was organized in August of 1886.

1890 - Wyoming was admitted into the Union as the 44th state on July 10, 1890

1891 - Shoshone National Forest  was established as the nations first national forest

1906 - Devils Tower became the first national monument, September 24, 1906.

1920 - Jackson was the First Town in America to be Governed Entirely by Women. From 1920 to 1921, it had a woman mayor, town council and town marshal.

1924 - Wyoming elected Nellie Tayloe Ross. Wyoming was the first state in the Union to elect a female governor.

1925 - First Artificially Lit Evening Football Game: The first interscholastic football game to be played under artificial light took place in Midwest in 1925.

Wyoming is celebrating its statehood and the re-opening of the Wyoming State Capitol July 10, 2019. Visit the following story link to find the full schedule of what is planned for the Wyoming State Capitol Open House and Celebration. click here.  Click HERE


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