February Base Activities

February 1 - Waiting Warriors 5:30-7:30pm: Chapel Annex 

Are you a deployed/remote tour spouse and/or know of anyone that is “left behind” while the AD member is out in the field days at a time? AFRC & MW Chapel is partnering together to host a Spouse Support Group- “Waiting Warriors”. (FREE supper, fun games, arts/crafts, special guest speakers etc. will be offered). NOTE: For more info on events, activities and special offers happening during Waiting Warriors nights, join the Facebook group at “Waiting Warriors- FE Warren AFB”. Contact TSgt Cynthia Vargas at [email protected] or 773-5899 for details. 

February 2 - Dogsledding 

$99- Buy One Get One Deployed Families. This half-day dogsledding tour will teach you how to “Drive Your Own Team” of Alaskan Huskies along a scenic 12.5 mile backcountry trail. This tour is approximately 2 hours on-sled and allows for 2 people per sled (unless smaller children which may permit 3). One person will start as the driver & the other as the passenger; half way around the trail, if both guests are adults, we will stop and switch so that each person gets a chance to drive the sled. Trip includes transportation, guides, and instruction! Pre-register by: Wednesday Prior.

February 2 -  Ski Copper Mountain 

$30 Deployed Families. Three new high-speed lifts, upgraded buses, new parking lots brings a new meaning to Copper’s Raised on Colorado experience. Trip includes lift pass, transportation, and half off daily equipment rental. Pre-register by: Wednesday Prior.

February 3 - Family Learn to Ski 

Snowy Range Ski Area. Cost: $50 (w/ lessons) or $35 (w/o lessons)- Buy One Get One Deployed Families. The Snowy Mountain Range is less than 2 hours from FE Warren and offers 27 trails. It is a great beginner location but has something for even those extreme skiers in the family with its nearly 1000’ vertical drop from top to bottom. Bring the whole family for only $50 per person! Trip includes a half-day ski lesson, transportation, lift ticket, and equipment rental. For those not needing a lesson feel free to come regardless and pay only $35 for lift ticket and rentals! Pre-register by: Wednesday Prior.

February 5 - Climbing 101 

FREE Deployed Families. 1700-1900. Interested in rock climbing but not sure where to start? Afraid to take the first step up the wall? Well don’t fear, this clinic is designed to teach you the basics of climbing equipment, body movement, rating systems, and styles of climbing. No previous experience necessary and all equipment included. We will cover everything you need to know to put your fears behind you. Pre-register by: Day Prior.

February 7, 21 - Belay Training 

FREE Deployed Families. 1700 – 1900. Age: 16+. Learn the basics of belaying at the indoor rock wall at ODR. We will cover knot tying, harness fitting, climbing equipment, commands, and proper belay technique. After successful completion of the class, you will have the ability to earn your belay certification card, which makes you eligible to belay at the ODR indoor rock wall unsupervised. Pre-register by: Day Prior. 

February 9 - Steamboat Ski trip 

30 Deployed Families. Two words…. Champagne Powder. Trip includes lift pass, transportation, and half off daily equipment rental. Pre-register by: Wednesday Prior.

February 10 - Snowshoe 

FREE Deployed Families. 8:00am. Interested in trying snowshoeing… Ready to get outside and play in the snow? Strap on a pair of snowshoes and try a new sport as we take in the sites and frolic in the snow. Location is to-be-determined based on conditions. Plan for cold temperatures and to travel 3-8 miles depending on group interest. Bring a pack, snacks, and water for a day in the outdoors! Includes equipment, transportation, and instruction. Pre-register by: Wednesday Prior. 

February 10 - Family Sledding 

$35 per person- Buy One Get One Deployed Families. 9:00am. Let’s go play in the snow! We will head to Beaver Meadows for a day of sledding and snow play. Worried about lugging a snow tube up and down a hill in the snow? Well don’t be, Beaver Meadows has lifts! All lift riders must be 36” to ride the lift and only resort tubes that are free for use are allowed. Pre-register by: Day Prior.

February 11, 25 - Kayaking Basics and Skills Clinic 

FREE Deployed Families. 1700-1900 at the base pool. Just because the paddling season is over doesn’t mean it’s time to hang up the board shorts! This is the best time to learn the paddle strokes, techniques, and concepts to get you prepared for our paddling trips next summer! After your first class feel free to come to consecutive classes and we will work with you to learn how to do the Eskimo roll, the art of righting a kayak once flipped. Don’t get out of paddling shape this winter! Pre-register by: Friday Prior.