Local Gym Owner Has Deep Military Ties

Military May Business Spotlight: H.I.I.T 30

CHEYENNE – SMSgt Monica Yarborough has spent 27 years serving our Country, beginning with active duty assignment at Malmstrom AFB in Great Falls, MT to her current role with the Wyoming Air National Guard. When she is not donning her ABUs, Monica can be found wearing a HIIT 30 blazoned tank top, workout pants and bare feet at HIIT 30, a local gym that features High Intensity Interval Training.

Yarborough and husband, Allan are majority owners of HIIT 30, joining a small number of minority owners. The group opened the gym in November 2016 with a dedicated client base and grew quickly, requiring an expansion within the first year at their location at 600 E. Carlson. Suites 100 D & E. While her husband works in the public sector, Monica runs the business in between her National Guard commitment.  

“My husband and I always knew we wanted to own our own business, we just didn’t know what business,” said Monica Yarborough. “When the opportunity came along to open a gym, we couldn’t pass it up.”

Yarborough credits much of her military background to the success of the gym. She notes the three core values of the U.S. Air Force –  1. Integrity First, 2. Service Before Self and 3. Excellence in All We Do – as guidelines for how she chooses to operate her business.

“I’m not in this business for myself. I want to make this a great place for my clients, I want this to be their ‘happy place’. There was a time in my military career that I struggled in my PT tests and then I discovered HIIT training. So now I want to help others pass their PT test like this has helped me.”

HIIT 30’s client base spreads across a few generations and features a wide variety of professionals. It’s not uncommon to take part in one of eight workouts held throughout the day, doing burpees alongside a teacher, a nurse, a mortgage lender and a Lieutenant Colonel. It is the variety of people, and the welcoming atmosphere that keeps regular clients coming back, and new ones streaming through the doors.

If you want to learn more about HIIT 30 follow this link to their website.