Take the Plunge

Annual Schwartz Memorial Plunge

Many took the plunge this past weekend. The 7th Annual Schwartz Memorial Plunge took place at Lions Park in Cheyenne. Every year a group of family, friends, the F.E. Warren and Cheyenne communities gather to remember Technical Sergeant Matthew Schwartz. The group participates in a Polar Plunge by jumping into the frozen over Sloans Lake at Lions Park. The average water temperature is chilly Wyoming 29 degrees!!

You can find out more information about the annual plunge by following the link below. 

Schwartz Memorial Plunge

Schwartz was an explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) technician stationed at F.E. Warren. He was working as a team leader embedded with an Army route clearance platoon supporting a Joint combat operation in Afghanistan. Schwartz was mortally wounded while clearing a safe path for his teammates. The community honors the ultimate sacrifice of TSgt Matthew Schwartz.


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